For many years, I was never able to fully grasp or identify my style, which I'm sure many fashionistas have gone through the same struggle. Recently, I've been paying more attention to the pieces that grab me the most when I'm out shopping as well as using Instagram or Pinterest as mood boards. My mood boards have shown me that I relate to Rihanna, Kim, and Kanye's fashion sense the most. I've always been super feminine with a touch of tomboy edginess and this outfit is a perfect example of that. Adding sporty elements to super girly pieces comes natural to me. So today, I'm here to announce that Wise Kouture is where girl meets grunge!

Photography By: Diego Jeanty

FASHION NOVA Bodysuit | H&M Empowered Hoodie Crop Top | FOREVER XXI Mesh Bomber | FASHION NOVA Sandals | WISE KOUTURE Pink Dad Cap 


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