5 Reasons Why I Love Art Basel


1. Bump into celebs and get star struck.

I didn't notice I was within arms reach of Angela Simmons until my friend whispered, "I think thats Angela Simmons". I froze and didn't say a word, while she was scoping out an artistic display. The best thing I did at that second was record her on my Snapchat (Shopaholik), like a creeper. It was funny after she walked away, but saddening that I was too shocked to say a word or even use that chance to network! 

2. Free art events if you RSVP in advance.

Definitely go on Google or your social networks to find out about different events and RSVP to enjoy yourself for THE FREE! I paid for the Art Basel Convention Center ($30), since it was my first time attending Art Basel. However, everything else was free admission with RSVP emails prior to the events.

3. Diverse artistic pieces in more than one location.

I found Art Basel to be a little overwhelming my first time around... and you will too if you do not research and actually organize your weekend. Since there are so many events going on outside of the main event, you are guaranteed to see plenty of artwork at different venues. My friend and I started at the Art Basel Convention Center; accidentally ended up a Haitian Restaurant Chef Creole, where there was a gallery and performances; and ended the night at Yeelen, which also had a gallery, a dance floor, and free drinks all night! 

4. Mini food courts at the convention center.

You won't go hungry at the Art Basel Convention Center since they had mini food courts with tasty food. I definitely treated myself to a cuban sandwich. It was yummy! I also heard there are plenty of food trucks in Wynwood throughout the day but you didn't hear it from me!

5. Creative people and their awesome creative attire.