5 Things You Will Gain From Beautycon!

1. New Friends With The Same Interests

Everyone loves makeup. Everyone loves hair products, Everyone loves beauty. Everyone loves bloggers. Everyone loves blogging. If you are interested in any of these things and go to Beautycon, you will not have a hard time creating some type of conversation with someone because everyone came for what you came for!

2. The Pleasure of Taking Selfies With Your Favorite Bloggers + Celebrities

Getting to know my favorite bloggers/vloggers a little bit more and face to face made my first Beautycon experience a wonderful one.

3. Networking Experience (Bring your biz cards if you're trying to get yourself out there!)

Whoever I met... whoever was near me... whoever I spoke to received a business card from me and that includes the celebrity bloggers that I was able to meet. Social media will only do so much. You need to talk to people and give them a souvenir to take home so they can remember you!! Don't forget to follow up after the event! These were my awesome souvenirs:


Ive had a couple of people come up to me and ask me to take a picture with them. My reaction was always "Ok! But Why?!". They'll realize I was not ItsMyRayeRaye and would say "OMG I'm so sorry! I thought you were ItsMyRayeRaye but we'll still take a picture with you." She is my favorite blogger and I secretly wanted to bump into her this time around, even though she was not on the Guestlist for BeautyconNYC. Maybe next time. Anywho, check out my makeup tutorial that was inspired by my favorite blogger down below!

4. Lots of free goodies from vendors that are well known brands such as NYX, Shea Moisture, Essie, and so much more! (Will be a separate blog)

5. Great food, great performances, and a great time! Watch my BeautyconNYC 2015 Recap down below!

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