Top 5 Dental Hygiene Tips To Avoid Catfishing

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Because you don't want this to happen to you...

Aside from gum disease, oral cancer, and other dental problems, poor oral hygiene can also lead to embarrassing moments and lack of self esteem! Who wants that? No one. That is why good dental hygiene is essential for a great smile and good health. 


I am not a dentist but I hear that regular check ups, cleanings, and the following steps can help promote great dental hygiene.  

1. Brush twice a day.

Prevent bacterial buildup by brushing twice a day. Brush bristles should be positioned at a 45 degree angle, touching both the tooth surface and gum line. Remember to be gentle to avoid bleeding and do not forget your tongue and the roof of your mouth as this can help prevent the cause of bad breath. 


2. Don't ignore flossing! (I know I forget sometimes.)

Even though it's annoying, flossing once a day helps remove food particles that stay behind even after brushing. It reaches places that a toothbrush or mouthwash can't touch.  


3. Toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash are all good pals. 

If I ever feel insecure about my breath, a quick shot of mouthwash makes me feel better. Do not swallow it of course! Listerine helps kill bacteria and maintain good breath but after you have already brushed and flossed.  


4. Avoid Tobacco, Caffeine, and Alcohol!

For some, one or more of these may be an indulgence. But watch out! Tobacco can cause smoky breath and oral cancer. Caffeine and alcohol containing corn syrup and food dye make your teeth dull and discolored. In addition, drinks containing a high level of phosphorous reduces the calcium in the body, possibly causing tooth decay or gum disease in the future. Calcium is essential for your teeth so it is recommended to consume dairy products or calcium supplements. Other important vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining healthy gums and teeth are Vitamin D, Vitamin B,  Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Iron and Potassium.


5. Visit Your Dentist

Every six months, your butt should be in the dentist's office for a full hygiene treatment! These visits are major as they will provide important information about your oral hygiene and tactics to prevent future dental treatments from occurring and dental bills from piling up.


I used to have a tough time following the six months rule because money was always a concern. However, Wise Kouture isn't wise if she's not looking for ways to save money. When I discovered Groupon, coming up with money to schedule visits and maintain oral hygiene on my own became so much easier. Save 50% or more on Dental exams, Invisalign packages, Teeth Whitening sessions, you name it, by checking out their Health, Beauty, and Wellness Groupons.


Good oral health is more than just avoiding toothaches and having a great smile. Poor hygiene can lead to heart disease, diabetes, infections, and other life threatening medical issues. Take care of yourself and live a happy, healthy life! 


Source: 10 Great Dental Hygiene Tips - Arrow Smile Dental

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