Clean Your Makeup Brushes in 3 Minutes


As the brushes add up, the pennies used to invest in them are too. A brush cleaning routine is essential for longer lasting makeup brushes and clear skin. Keep your brushes free from old product, oils, dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria or you'll be dealing with rough, irritating bristles and breakouts. It is recommended to wash them everyday if you have problematic or sensitive skin. Oh, how I dread brush wash day!

Standing by a sink, tediously washing brushes for an hour is annoying, especially when there are other tasks to be done! BrushPearl changes that routine with its ultrasonic technology and cleanser that freshens up cosmetic brushes in a matter of minutes. Place water and a cap full of your favorite cleanser, close the top, and set the timer. Walk away and let the machine perform  its magic as it vibrates the dirt away.  

In this demonstration, I use BrushPearl's 8oz. Cleanser with LUKE WARM water. You are welcome to use your own cleanser or classic products such as basic dish soap to disinfect and extra virgin olive oil to recondition. My favorite part of using this machine is when the top is popped open after a wash, the brushes can sit there until it completely dries. No more scrambling just to find a dirty towel!